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Helvetica is now a senior citizen
Way back in the 1950s, two Swiss men set out to design a smooth, unimposing font. They created that very font in 1957 and called it Neue Haas Grotesk. After perhaps many befuddled stares of bewilderment, they renamed the font three years later to Helvetica, birthing one of the most popular fonts of the modern type era. The font can be quickly spotted in use in logos (American Apparel, Nestlé), on clothing and in public signage around the world, including ViennaChicago, and the UK. To celebrate this ever-cool type clocking up six decades, 20 design studios have created uniquely beautiful posters featuring the Helvetica font.

You say Slovakia, I say Slovenia
Turns out there’s a lot of confusion between these two countries that have kinda similar spelling. Those shared letters have thrown these two lands together to be continuously muddled up by many, even Presidents and Prime Ministers. So to clear up the case of mistaken identities: Slovakia’s flag is coloured with white, blue, and red horizontal stripes, with a shield emblem on the left-hand side, while the flag of Slovenia is coloured with… Um… Ah, they are almost alike. Well, okay, Slovenia is part of the European Union, United Nations and NATO, while Slovakia…is also… a part of those very same organisations. I know what will help: languages! One of Slovakia’s native languages is Slovenčina. And one of Slovenia’s native languages is… Slovenščina… You can see why the Slovak and Slovenian embassies meet once a month to exchange wrongly addressed mail. The Slovakian and Slovenian Ambassadors have also stepped in to inform people of the differences between their two states. I wonder if Uruguay and Paraguay get this a lot too.

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