series 1, episode 5: the big meowski 🐈

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A cat in a wrap getting birds in a flap
When you picture a cat, you imagine a furry feline neatly curled up in a soft and warm place, usually indoors and sleeping for most of the day. Not the case for Eiji, an adventurous cat with a very cosy-looking jacket. After persuading his human to accompany him on winter walks IN THE SNOW, Eiji loves nothing more than to sit by the edge of the pond and yell at the parade of travelling coots. You tell ’em, Eiji.

This litter tray is a whole heap of too much info
Tech enthusiast Tony Tiger (I venture a guess that that is NOT his real name) bought a self-cleaning litter tray for his beloved cat. I kinda get it – cats can poop a lot, maybe you don’t have the time to shovel and sift, robots will eventually take over etc etc. At upwards of £100, a Litter Robot is a lot more than I personally would spend on one item for a cat. Seeing an opportunity for a hack, Mr Tony Tiger hooked up the fancy-schmancy litter tray to a Raspberry Pi and a camera, and set the whole shebang up as @LitterBoxTweets on Twitter. Thanks to Tony Tiger’s keen know-how, the world now knows how long this cat occupied his lavish loo for, the pensive look that crossed his face mid-evacuation, and when the tray’s self-cleaning function kicked in. Everyone has a hobby, I guess?

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