Bromley metal band Stoneghost to release new album, New Age of Old Ways

Originally posted online and in print for News Shopper.


Bromley heavy metal band Stoneghost are starting a brand-new chapter, with a record deal signed and an album on the way.

News Shopper’s Morenike Adebayo spoke to drummer Cris Finniss and guitarist Andrew Matthews.

Recently signing with big-name reps Mascot Label, Stoneghost are poised to release their new 10-track album, New Age of Old Ways. A passionately powerful sound meshed with emotionally-charged lyrics, it’s a different direction for the band.

Cris said: “The album we did prior to this, we were very one track-minded of what we wanted to sound like, whereas this new album goes in completely different directions. We experimented a little bit more.”

They are no strangers to a large audience, having performed many times at heavy metal festival, Bloodstock.


Humble about their latest lease of fame, Cris told News Shopper: “We first were on the unsigned stage in 2009.

“That was pretty cool because that was our first real festival. The second year, we ended up doing the main stage, which was probably the best thing we’ve done.

“It was the most exciting thing, we got the most buzz out of it. When you go from playing a pub of about 20 people to 2,000 people, it really hits you.”

The exciting roar of the crowd often leads to bandmates getting rowdy off-stage. But these boys crave calm relaxation after playing a gig, thoroughly opposing the legend of rock stars throwing TVs out of hotel windows and setting fire to beds.

Andrew said: “If it’s not too late, I might have a drink or watch a bit of TV and go to bed.”

Cris said: “I’ll just sit in the bath for an hour until I fall asleep. I can’t believe I’m 25 and I’ve never smashed up a hotel room. I haven’t lived!”

Stoneghost is not your average metal band. Without menacing stares and teeth bared, they have gone further afield to be that little bit different for their promo shots.

Cris said: “The last photo-shoot we did we went to a car park in Peckham and we had to do different poses and stuff.

“We were asked to do some karate kicks, so the photographer could get some action shots of us spinning around in the air.

“And I remember doing a couple of them and feeling like ‘Yeah, these are pretty stupid.’

“After a while, I did one and my entire trousers were split, which kinda ruined the rest of the photo-shoot. I had to go to Primark and get some new trousers.”

Andrew said: “When you stand there, trying to look mean for an hour, it gets boring very, very quickly. So we found this set of daffodils in Shoreditch Park and there were photos of us dancing around!”

The world of metal and rock is filled with independent artists, trying to break into the music industry. And this can be frustrating for a band from Bromley.

Andrew said: “For me, it’s people not answering emails. Always a major frustration.”

New Age of Old Ways by Stoneghost is out April 6.

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